Samarth Trust



Manish Manjul, A Man with mission.

His dream is Bharat as a World Leader.

He has conceptualized, devised and implemented several programmes for achieving his objectives through a highly versatile non-profit organisation called ‘SAMARTH’. He is founder and General Secretary of SAMARTH Trust.

He is also National Convener of this Mera Samarth Bharat Movemnet programme.

SAMARTH is a non-profit institution working on vision of former President of India Bharat Ratna Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, “Facilitating a Holistic Environment for Nation Building through Individual Development”.

In 2015, Manish Manjul has started working under the mentorship H.E. Bharat Ratna Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam –for Lead India (Mera Samarth Bharat) 2020 mission. This is a mission based and on Goal, Attitude, Knowledge, Skills and Values oriented programme for transforming the youth to achieve a developed India by 2020.

Mera Samarth Bharat movement is to impart 10 Life Skills, Global Skills, Positive Attitude with Vision & Mission by inculcating Human Values, Social Responsibilities, Igniting the Minds, Mock Interview, Career Counseling, Scientific Temper and Entrepreneurship Skills among the focused age group of 10 to 30 years.

If 100 crore citizens of the country move One Step Ahead, the Nation Will Move 100 Crore Steps Forward. Accordingly, to achieve the target of a “Developed India” the core principle of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is “Individual Development Leads to National Development”.

He has innovative ideas and organizational skills and dedicated himself for the Nation development. He is highly committed missionary, tirelessly works on issues of health, education, research, development, environmentalism, preservation of ancient Indian heritage and eradication of poverty.

Some of his ongoing projects include

  1. ‘CARRIED’ (Center for Advanced Research, Reference, Information & Enhanced Documentation) – a project for national renaissance and rejuvenation,
  2. ‘SHRI’ – Samarth Health Research Institute,
  3. ‘Paandulipi’ – e-library,
  4. ‘VASUDHA’ – environment protection & animal welfare
  5. ‘Editorial’ – global editorial watch,
  6. ‘Takshashila’ – ‘e-university’,
  7. Bharat Putra’ – our inspiration national heritage
  8. ‘Vishwa Dhaam’ – digital documentation of India’s historical, spiritual and monumental heritage on earth
  9. ‘YAGNA’– excellence by knowledge with yoga
  10. ‘MERA SAMARTH BHARAT’ –  facilitating a holistic environment for nation building through individual development