Team Bhārat

Team Bharat Talk – 2


Pandemic COVID-19 has thrown the world out of gear so that everyone believes that the world will not be the same, the entire world order is in for a significant reshuffle. Therefore, this is the best opportunity that has come our way, and if we seize it, we might make history.

It is that one person or a small group of persons cannot achieve such a mammoth task. It must be a collective effort of like-minded dedicated citizens of Emerging Bhārat. With this aim and ambition, we are inviting individuals, particularly enthusiastic youth from education, culture, social, industry, commerce, medicine, and all walks of life to join in our collective movement to create Bhārat of our dream was some centuries ago.

Our mission is to collect the youth’s intellect and harness its might in the form of a discussion of the artistic and fresh ideas and their successful implementation. The purpose is to gather the independent youth and organizations in collaborative communication and motivate them to study the feasibility of their plans to provide its impact from grassroots to the highest shore/summit of societal structure.

Our vision is to collaborate and compose the unified efforts of young leaders for the nation’s holistic development and ultimately, the global family.

We have come up with a series of Talks’ which will be organized twice a month with eminent speakers. The upcoming event is the 2nd Team Bhārat Talk (Vimarsh) on 25 September 2020.

Eminent dignitaries, thinkers, educationists, professors, Vice-Chancellor, writer, Media, and experts from different walks of life are our talk panelists, and multiple Universities, institutions are co-organizers of this Team Bhārat Talk.

The speaker for 2nd Team Bhārat Talk (Vimarsh) is Dr. Mahesh Chandra Sharma. He is President of Ekatma Manavdarshan Anusandhan Evam Vikas Pratishthan. He was Member of Parliament, Rajasthan (Rajya Sabha). He was State President of Rajasthan (BJP).


‘Samarth’ has initiated “Bhārat Beyond 2020”, a vision that would bring people together to “be the change and change the world”.

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