Mera Samarth Bharat a movement initiated by Samarth trust to facilitate a holistic environment to aim strengthening the foundation of children’s.

The workshop is executed with audio visual, interactive session and various activities. Every session based on aspect that we wish to inculcate and imbibe various life skills. These sessions are basically focussed on igniting the mind which set the background for sustainable program. It is designed to impart and develop life skills & leadership skills, positive attitude with vision and mission, inculcating ethics, values, social responsibility and living life with specific goal and direction. It aims to strengthening the foundation for holistic and integral development i.e. physical, mental, emotional, financial and social development of the students.

These are basically focused of igniting and ice breaking, which sets the background for our sustenance program.

For Schools Participation

Make Leader

Atma Deepo Bhava

Little Leader Little Teacher

Life & Vision

For Individual Participation

Ignited Minds

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