Mera Samarth Bharat



Every Saturday in week use as per LINC (Leaders of India National Club) & 1st and 3rd Saturday for outdoor activity like

  1. Bank /Post Office
  2. Train Travel Awareness,
  3. Traffic Rule,
  4. NDMA/SDMA (National/State Disaster Management Authority)
  5. Cleanness Drive
  6. Health Awareness (Blood Bank; Organ Donation Counselling)
  7. Environment Drive
  8. Skill
  9. Industrial Exposure
  10. Marketing
  11. Science Train
  12. Source of revenue
  13. Understand professions
  14. Media Exposure (Print-Electronic-Internet) and
  15. Many more activities
  16. LINC Club Indoor activity time for every Saturday
  17. PTM counselling for parents by our Mentor and Volunteers
  18. School Radio
  19. Other as per Student requirement

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