Mera Samarth Bharat

Mera Samarth Bharat



After independence, Bharat is beset by serious problems with its education system. Numerous research studies and surveys have substantiated these problems and prove that immediate attention and action is required.

Good-for-nothing race, rote learning, and depressed teacher’s training

Modern education in India is often criticized for encouraging rote learning, rather than comprehension, critical thinking and problem solving. Students spend most of their time memorizing a syllabus with ‘no thought’ given to learning or playing. Textbook knowledge, rigid ideas, and test scores take precedence over open debates and logical reasoning. Little room is left for creativity to flourish. Creative teaching can create creative learning environment.

Most resources and research are directed towards improving quantifiable factors such as enrolment, dropout rates, teacher-to-student ratios, etc. while not enough has been done to examine the quality of education given to our children.

Need for quality education

Reports shows that barely 47% of children in grade 5 could read a grade 2 level text. As per the present scenario, basic learning skills like reading, writing, speaking & listening during primary education is essential for a child’s success in higher education. Absence of these basic skills affects holistic development of the child which includes various life skills & abilities like

  1. Communication skill
  2. Social empathy
  3. Human values
  4. Attitude towards self-development
  5. Leadership qualities
  6. Entrepreneurship skill
  7. Life goal with a perspective towards self, society as well as Nation.

Mera Samarth Bharat a movement initiated by Samarth trust to facilitate a holistic environment to aim strengthening the foundation of children’sintellectual, physical, mental, moral, ethical, emotional, financial and social development.

We are committed to empower the youth through value-based education, inculcating leadership qualities, attitudinal transformation and national character building along with appropriate knowledge, wisdom and skills.

Creation of future citizens who will lead transformation and sustainable development in collaboration with parents & teachers for “Man Making Nation Building” mission envisioned by Bharat Ratna Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.


  • Nation is missing a national goal.
  • 55% of India’s population is below 25 years, majority will be the key stake holders.
  • To make India global leader, we need to impart Global skills.
  • We need to bridge the gap between REAL LIFE and ACADEMIC CURRICULUM.

MERA SAMARTH BHARAT IS A MOVEMENT that aims at sowing the seeds of nationalism, spiritualism and humanitarianism right from a young age to ignite and enlighten the youth of Bharat and the generations to come, through transformation workshops and comprehensive sustenance programs in various schools and educational institutions.

The program is designed keeping in focus STUDENTS, PARENTS and TEACHERS. It is designed to impart and develop Life & leadership skills, Positive attitude with Vision and Mission, inculcating ethics and values, social responsibility and living life with a Specific Goal and direction.

It aims at strengthening the foundation for Holistic and Integral Development i.e. Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Development of the child.

Special features of the program:

  • Every student connects with national goal.
  • Participation in national programs without extra expenditure as per personal hobbies and interests.
  • Creation of future citizens who can usher in transformation and sustainable development in the country.
  • Overall economic development because of Human Development and National Orientation.
  • With the progress of the program, the Senior Child is prepared to mentor the junior child, which in turn ensures the independent sustenance and continuity of the process.

The workshops are executed with Audio-visuals and interactive sessions, with every session based on a aspect that we wish to inculcate and imbibe. These are basically focused of igniting and ice breaking, which sets the background for our sustenance program.

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