“Nations build by the imagination and untiring enthusiastic efforts of generations. One generation transfers the fruits of its toil to another which then takes forward the mission. As the coming generation also has its dreams and aspirations for the nation’s future, it therefore adds something from its side to the national vision; which the next generation strives hard to achieve. This process goes on and the nation climbs steps of glory and grains higher strengths.”

Bharat Ratna Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam (1931-2015)

 And Y.S. Rajan,

Book – India 2020, A Vision for the New Millennium,

Chapter 1, Can India Become a Developed Country? Page No.21


MSB is based on vision 2020 by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. It gives clear vision “every individual important for national development.” MSB gives more opportunities to the children with LINC (Leaders of India National Club) activity for their development by synergy with Government, NGO’S, Corporate and Individuals.

Transformation workshops and camps are followed by sustenance program which is a continuous follow up. LINC (Leaders of India National Club) would be established in below seven groups and subsequent assignments and activities to reinforce the contents for long term. LINC create environment of opportunity through LINK.

  1. Educational and Scientific Temper Group
  2. Discipline Group
  3. Cultural and Literacy Development Group
  4. Health and Hygiene Group
  5. Games and Sports Group
  6. Social Development Group
  7. Environment Development Group


LINC (Leaders of India National Club) is a platform to give more opportunities to each student to bridge the gap between book knowledge to practical knowledge by connecting LINK to the various opportunities i.e.

  1. Bank /Post Office
  2. Train Travel Awareness,
  3. Traffic Rule,
  4. NDMA/SDMA (National/State Disaster Management Authority)
  5. Cleanness Drive
  6. Health Awareness (Blood Bank; Organ Donation Counselling)
  7. Environment Drive
  8. Skill
  9. Industrial Exposure
  10. Marketing
  11. Science Train
  12. Source of revenue
  13. Understand professions
  14. Media Exposure (Print-Electronic-Internet) and
  15. Many more activities

We as society must work together with great determination and efforts to ignite and channelize hidden potential in our youth. The ignite minds of youth are the greatest resource on the earth. When ignited minds work with indomitable spirit, prosperous, happy and safe India assure.



Little Leader Little Teacher (3LT) workshop is seven days residential workshop for standard 6th class onwards students. The strength of the workshop is 100 students i.e. 10 students and two teachers from different schools.

The workshop is executed with audio visual, interactive session and various activities. Every session based on aspect that we wish to inculcate and imbibe various life skills. These sessions are basically focussed on igniting the mind which set the background for sustainable program. It is designed to impart and develop life skills & leadership skills, positive attitude with vision and mission, inculcating ethics, values, social responsibility and living life with specific goal and direction. It aims to strengthening the foundation for holistic and integral development i.e. physical, mental, emotional, financial and social development of the students.

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