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Samarth Trust envisions creating a chain of patriotic individuals who are selfless and hardworking for the cause of the motherland. Together, we intend to build a strong organization through which all national problems will be solved and vices will be diminished”


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We are the children of this vast Motherland – Bharat Maa. We have deep faith in this ancient land by which our nationhood is defined should be served with all our might with total dedication.


Samarth will empower local communities to bring lasting changes in underprivileged sections of the society as well as backward regions of our countryside. Samarth’s concerted efforts will lead to breaking the cycle of poverty permanently. Samarth serve the disadvantaged irrespective of gender, age, caste, creed or religion. Samarth believes in youth of India. We intend to impart value-based education, skill development and leadership training to bring overall changes in the society.